Friday, August 13, 2010

Organic websites

This is for my dear friend Cheri, who is pregnant with her first baby and asked about organic co-ops.  I came across a few very helpful resources for finding organic and local produce.

Raw milk is illegal in Georgia for human consumption, but here is an excellent website for finding providers:

Another very useful site is:

Ultimately the site I use the most in my area is :
It is the it where I found my local growers group.  Ninety percent of the growers use no chemicals and the weekly pickup is 10-15 minutes from my house.  I even found a group that sells slow-pasteruized, non-homogenzied, organic milk, honey, lots of produce, and grass fed beef.

Lee doesn't even complain anymore when I go to local growers or Eartfare (well, as long as it's not $$$)!!!

Oh, I amost forgot, one of my favoite sites is  She has a lot of organic coupons and deals.

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