Sunday, April 25, 2010

1st Babystep

The thing that initially motivated change was a book by Jordan Rubin called the Makers Diet.  Actually I read his book The Great Physician's Rx (GPRx) first.  It's a watered down, slower version of the 40 day detox mentioned in the Makers Diet, but the Makers Diet is the "way of life" that is the goal of GPRx as well.  It all sounds a little confusing, but I'll outline the keys and most important principles in following posts.

Basically, the goal is to eat and live the way God first created us to eat and live.  Forget spreadable margarine and Starbucks caramel machiatto.  Ok, so I haven't given up the Starbucks habit but I have toned it down to a latte with just caramel drizzle AND Jordan Rubin's own wife took years to give up her machiattos.  She would actually sneak out of the house and skip over the fact she had even been gone.  However, she got pregnant after years of infertility on the last day of the Makers Diet after finally giving up caffeine!!!

Some of the other things that convinced me to read these books were stories from friends that had been living this way for years.  Each of them could testify to illnesses they had been cured of...insominia, loss of smell, migraines, severe irritable bowel, and additional weight loss as a perk.  The goal is not to lose weight, but to eat foods in their whole form.  Some of the information was pretty intuitive...drink organic milk as close to natural as possible, but did you know that whole milk is WAY better for you than skim?  I have been lactose intolerant for years but I can drink a glass of nonhomogenized, low pasteurized whole milk with zero problems.  The process to make milk "skim" is not natural and not only takes enzymes and nutrients out but makes it harder to digest. 

Some of the stuff was more eye opening.  Do you think you're staying healthy from taking a multivitamin chock full of 100% or even 1000% of the daily recommended allowance?  Chances are if you're taking Target brand or any other brand from Target your body isn't even able to use most of the stuff in it.  Vitamin C wasn't really meant to be synthesized in a lab and slapped together with a bunch of synthesized zinc, Vitamin A, B, D, E, K, etc, etc.  It's best taken straight from whole foods and kept in that form.

Other things like soaking grains and beans are little more foreign to me.  A few more babysteps...

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