Friday, April 30, 2010

The Great Physician's Rx

This book jumpstarted many of the changes I have made and want to make.  It's definitely not an all or nothing book.  I don't agree with everything that is written but that's the beauty of being able to take bits and pieces for my babysteps.  I would highly recommend reading it.  There are lots of different versions--something that rubs me a little funny.  I did get the women's health version because I was pretty curious about what Jordan Rubin had to say about women!  His wife and a female physician contributed, and I loved their viewpoints.  This is the only version that I have read.  I take that back, I did get the children's version, and it wasn't nearly as useful.  Just get the original unless there is a specific version that interests you.

The first thing I want to do is outline the keys in the book.  Then I'll go into more depth about how I've chosen to implement the keys in my own life.  Bear with me, I may even go out of order because there are some really cool changes that I'm very excited about!

The keys are:
Key #1:  Eat to Live
Key #2:  Supplement Your Diet with Whole Food Nutritionals, Living Nutrients, and Superfoods
Key #3:  Practice Advanced Hygeine
Key #4:  Condition Your Body with Exercise and Body Therapies
Key #5:  Reduce Toxins in Your Environment
Key #6:  Avoid Deadly Emotions
Key #7:  Live a Life of Prayer and Purpose

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