Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cloth diapers

I've been wanting to do this post for awhile but there is so much to write.  Being a pharmacist I like for things to be as scientific and OCD (CDO as I like to call it--rearranged alphabetically), and I just haven't had time to put in the research that I would like.  There are numerous claims about all the chemicals in disposable diapers, but the diaper companies do not have to list all the chemicals so it's hard to know what's what.  To be perfectly honest, the main reason we switched was for economical purposes (not surprising if you know anything about my husband and me!!).  I have to say it is by far one of my favorite switches.  I LOVE cloth diapers.  I love the way they look, the way they feel, the way I don't have to buy anymore (yeah, right!), the way the fit.  I really don't even mind the washing.  If anyone is ever reading this and is on the fence about cloth diapers, you can't go wrong!!  In the next few posts, I'll write about why/how we switched, the different types, and what we use ( including our wash routine, which is highly personalized).  I really can't say enough about how much easier it is than I thought and how good I feel about making this switch. 

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