Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rockin Green Review

Yesterday I mentioned our semi-switch to a green detergent, literally.  The detergent that I use for cloth diapers is called Rockin Green.  I have to say it is the only detergent that I have tried on diapers, with the exception of one load of Tide because I had not figured out whether I was using enough Rockin Green at that point.  Other than that I have only used RnG and love it!  I'm almost bummed that I haven't used anything else because I don't have any great before and after stories.

When we made the decision to cloth diaper (several blog posts in itself), I knew we'd have to use a different detergent on the diapers.  I read, and read, and read, and read.  I kept hearing things about RnG and Rockin a Soak.  I decided to order a few samples.  Meanwhile I kept hearing amazing stories about people that were making the switch.  Stories of repelling issues, ammonia issues, stink, stains, etc all gone with RnG.  Since we just recently started cloth diapering we didnt' have any of those issues.  However, the first time I washed her diapers I only used the recommended 1 TBS in our he frontloader washer.  The whole laundry room had a slight odor to it.  Ugh.  After doing lots more reading I decided I wasn't using enough so the next time I doubled it to 2 TBS and have not had any issues since.

Samples are available for $0.75 to do 2-4 loads!  This detergent is also quickly becoming famous for stripping other detergent build up from diapers and clothes.  It's been known to pull trapped detergent, minerals, and grime while soaking.  It comes in 3 formulas:  soft rock (sensitive skin), classic rock, and hard rock (specially formulated for hard water).

It now comes in several new scents:
Smashing Watermelon
The Green Tea's
Rage against the Raspberry
Motley Clean
Lavender Mint Revival
Bare Naked Babies

Ingredients: sodium carbonate , sodium percarbonate, natural chelating agents, sodium sulfate, biodegradable surfactants, natural fragrance oils (if scented is chosen)

▪ Dye free
▪ Biodegradable
▪ No fillers
▪ No enzymes or optical brighteners
▪ 100% Phosphate free
▪ Disinfects
▪ Vegan
▪ Great for sensitive skin
▪ Easy rinsing formula
▪ Eco-friendly ingredients
▪ 100% natural scents
▪ Perfect for cloth diapers
▪ HE compatible
▪ Reusable packaging
▪ Great for all water types
▪ Economical at .15 cents a load!

It is available at and many other online retailers.  Use the code KIWIrocks right now for 15% off.  Here's a picture of someone who rocked a soak for 1 hour on a baby blanket washed weekly...

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