Saturday, October 2, 2010

Know your ingredients answer #6

Seven Seas FREE Ranch Nonfat Dress (Fat Free & Cholesterol Free)

I'm sorry.  I still don't know what other to say...other than...YUCK!

Kai has entered the world of “soft.” That’s what he cause sauce…applesauce, BBQ sauce, etc. It is definitely becoming harder to serve “healthy” choices when all he wants is condiments. Condiments just aren’t very healthy when bottled off the shelf. Propylene glycol, corn syrup, MSG?!!! Veggies and dips sound very healthy but not when you start reading the labels! I haven’t quite figured out how to avoid these “softs” when I can use them to my advantage to literally get my toddler to eat anything with them. I don’t exactly have time to boil and simmer sauces, and some of the homemade recipes are soooo bland. What’s your favorite condiment? Would you eat it if you looked at the label first?

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