Friday, March 4, 2011

Diet Coke dangers

There is a new study being released by the NIH and Purdue University that suggests that aspartame actually leads to weight gain!  It's all over the news and health websites this morning.  Everyone eating a salad and diet coke or sugar-free aspartame flavored yogurt needs to reconsider that they may be shooting themselves in the foot.  They may actually be worsening their plight to lose or maintain weight. 

I can safely say that this is one ingredient that is 100% absent from our house.  We do not consume soft drinks.  Neither child has had so much as a sip (that I am aware of).  We do not use any sugar-free foods.  I limit the amount of sugar they eat but when they do consume it I avoid alternative sweeteners.  We opt for unsweetened products like full-fat organic yogurt (or homemade) and sweeten with honey or fruit.  Sometimes you really have to read labels closely to see what sweetners it contains.  Notice the popular vitamins in the picture.  Here are a few articles that give the details of the NIH study results:
Dr. Mercola's article

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