Monday, May 9, 2011

Bacteria on surfaces: Purses

Due to the number of colds we have had this reason I have been paying careful attention to bacteria-prone items and natural disinfectants. 

A few years ago, ABC reported on the bacteria found on purses. A microbiologist tested the bottoms of purses and found hundreds of thousands of bacteria present on the bags. Every single purse tested had some bacteria, most had tens of thousands, and a few had millions. Half of the purses were positive for coliform bacteria (indicating the possible presence of human/animal waste). Another sample of 50 purses confirmed that 1 in 4 were positive for E. coli.

You may not think you touch the bottom of your purse often or could get sick from it but think about where it has been…into public restrooms, the floorboard of your car, at your feet in a restaurant, in the shopping cart at the grocery store…and most likely then set on your counter.

To decrease spreading illness: clean your purse or tote bag (including briefcases and backpacks) regularly, don’t set it down on any surface where food will be prepared or eaten (this means tables, kitchen/breakroom counters, desks), wash your hands after handling your purse.

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