Monday, May 2, 2011

"That Mom"

I know Kai’s teachers at Mothers Morning Out think that I am a fruit loop. I am THAT MOM. The mom that does not send juice or candy or much processed food for lunch. The mom that sends small toys for Valentine’s Day instead of candy. His teachers have even asked what some of the things are…like kale chips. They are super nice about it and rave about wishing it was their lunch…but I know they are teasing me.

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They were so anxious to see what I was going to bring for his birthday lunch. Most parents bring cupcakes or cake, and I can always tell because Kai never naps. I did break down and bring Rice Krispy Treats, which is one of Kai (and Lee’s) favorites. I think his teacher’s were shocked that I brought a “dessert.” I think the other kids thought they were boring but it was definitely a treat for Kai. As I looked around, every single kid had juice boxes and most had highly processed foods.

I am that mom that sends fruit and vegetables. He might get a sandwich or crackers but over half of his lunch consists of whole foods like tomatoes, clementines, carrots. The best part is that he eats it! He does not know any different and those are actually some of his favorite foods. He has even turned down cookies before, and he would eat several clementines every day if I let him.

I am the mom that has never even given him a sip of Coke. For that matter we do not even keep it in our house. The choices are milk or water, and occasionally he gets organic juice for a snack if he needs more hydration. Orange juice for breakfast is a very special treat. Caitlin is 15 months and still not had juice (that I know of).

So yeah, I am that mom. I may very well be a fruit loop but I am so glad to have kids that eat healthy and love it.

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