Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Homemade toothpaste

I am still loving my homemade deodorant. The only hitch is that there is a fine line on our thermostat. The coconut oil becomes completely liquid if we change the thermostat by more than a degree. All of the arrowroot powder and cornstarch settles to the bottom and it does not stay in suspension. It definitely does not work as well if you have to try to mix it on the go each time. That is my only complaint. I love that it doesn’t physically block sweat production, which has a natural cleansing effect.

Before I ever switched to making my own deodorant, I had stopped using commercial toothpaste. My husband cringed! I have a history of horrible dental problems, and Lee was worried I’d be in extreme pain without my sensitive toothpaste. I did try Tom’s of Maine sensitive toothpaste. It was ok, but I hated the metal tube (I know, not very eco friendly of me to prefer a plastic tube). I also tried Kiss My Face aloe toothpaste (uck!!!). Since I wasn’t crazy about either I figured I’d try the old and true baking soda trick with a bit of coconut oil.

It is amazing!! I have zero sensitivity and my teeth feel so clean. I ran out at bedtime recently and forgot to make up another batch so I swiped some of my husbands Arm & Hammer “baking soda” toothpaste (I can almost visually see him cringing as I admit this). It tasted awful since I have gone almost 4 months without commercial toothpaste! The aftertaste was horrible and “artificial sweetener” tasting. Now toothpastes taste way too sweet and foamy to me.

I am so glad to be rid of commercial toothpaste. No more fluoride exposure. No more harmful or toxic chemicals in your mouth (that you can’t pronounce). Look at your tube of toothpaste. I bet it has sodium laurel sulfate (SLS—can be cell damaging), sodium laureth sulfate (known irritant), fluoride (may be linked to cancer, some scientists think it can actually be damaging to teeth, banned from water in many European countries), artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives.

Here’s the recipe:

3 TBS baking soda

2 TBS coconut oil

15-20 drops of essential oil

(My favorite combo so far is 15 drops wintergreen, 5 drops peppermint)

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