Friday, December 24, 2010

Product Review: Boon Duck

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Bath toys are one of those things that annoy me so much that I pretend it really does not annoy me because if I was honest with myself it would drive me crazy! Can/do kids get sick from sticking bath toys in their mouth or drinking the bath water?? Probably. One of my babysteps is to replace all of their bath toys with easy to clean, hard to mildew toys. So for their birthdays and Christmas stockings I have been slowly adding better bath toys, and I plan to throw out most of their current, likely mildew infested toys.
One of the big hits has been Caitlin’s Boon Duck: Jane. Kai is also getting a Boon Duck in his stocking. These ducks are great because they do not fill up with water. Yes, that takes the fun out of squirting water, but I do not have to worry about them squirting the yucky water in their mouths. Both kids just have a crazy affinity for swimming around with the duck head in their mouths. These ducks float upright, have cool designs, and are very easy to clean. You don’t want to know how I clean them. The word has Ble**h in it.
I am also putting the Boon net in Caitlin's stocking. Now, on to figuring out how to keep them from plain out drinking the bath water…

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