Thursday, May 13, 2010

#1. Eat to Live

Maybe I'll actually get this blog going!  One week exactly after Kai split his tongue open, Caitlin was diagnosed with her first ear infection.  Fun stuff!  Jordan Rubin would be proud of me...I voiced my dislike of the fact she needed antibiotics, but I plan on giving a double dose of probiotics!  More on that later...

The first Key in the Great Physician Rx book (which I'll be referring to more than the Maker's Diet) is Eat to Live.  As Jordan Rubin writes, too many people "eat to live."  He describes our indulgence in fried, high-calorie, high-sodium, high-sugar, high-fat foods, but I would argue that I think there is equal danger in the low-fat, sugar-free craze.  I work with so many colleagues that are so proud of their salad and diet coke with sugar free pudding.  Either way, the end result is processed foods that God did not create. 

The idea behind Key #1 is to eat what God created for food, and in a form healthy for the body.

This is my new mantra.  I don't always follow it, and I don't follow it well.  I won't tell you how many cups of coffee I drank today or how much I'm craving cheez-its.  However, for breakfast I had sprouted bread toast with almond butter and for lunch I had my homemade "meat pies" and vegetables.  I've learned that it's not all or nothing.  I would love to eat an organic, whole food diet 100% of the time, but it's also not beating myself up over. Babysteps, babysteps.  Tomorrow I'll write about one of the first babysteps we unknowingly took...

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