Monday, May 31, 2010

Reducing toxins

So, key #5 is about reducing toxins in your environment.  There are lots of examples in the GPRx/MD books, everything from avoiding use of microwaves to shower filters.  One of the babysteps that Lee and I mutually agreed on was getting rid of our non-stick cookware.  I don't know much about the chemicals that are used to make it "nonstick" but we both understood that all the scratches into those chemicals probably was not what we wanted released into our food.

One of my questions as I get rid of unhealthy things or switch products is what to do with the old.  Can someone else use it or is it harmful enough to through it away completely?  It was painful to throw pots and pans in the garbage, but that is what we agreed was the safest.  There are some eco-friendly, chemical safe pots and pans but they cost a pretty penny.  For now, we are using stainless steel.  It takes some getting used to cooking in, and I've had to scrape some messes off.  It's a good feeling not to wonder what else might have been cooked into our food.

Environmental changes are easy babysteps because there are so many things you can change one thing at a time.  I've started to switch most of our cleaning products, which lead me to a year long goal.  I discovered a website by the Environmental Working Group called Skin Deep.  It's a database of thousands of products, and it gives each product a rating.  My year long goal is to switch all of our health and beauty products over to low hazard products.  I will post our current products and hazard ratings and what we were able to switch to.  Some of my switches thus far have been an epic fail so it's not as easy or as affordable as just picking something with a low hazard score.

Here's another post I just came across a few minutes ago.  It has to do with the chemical 1,4-dioxane which is in all sorts of soaps and cleaners.  I'm in the process of currently switching baby wipes (my biggest epic fail) and laundry detergent so far unsuccessfully.  After reading this article I might be switching from Tide a little sooner than later (sorry, Lee!).

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