Thursday, May 20, 2010

Know Your Ingredients

The one thing that I keep reading over and over in books and hearing from friends that have also made the switch to whole foods, organic living is that "I thought I was healthy before.  I thought I ate healthy."  I thought the same thing.  Then when I started cutting out things I realized how much I was having to cut out.  I realized that many of the things that I thought were smart choices were filled with preservatives, pesticides, chemicals, things I can't pronounce. 

In the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, Sally Fallon has some eye opening quizzes called "Know Your Ingredients."  Some of the quizzes are obviously for junk food but it still opened my eyes as to HOW MUCH junk food is in them.  Some of the quizzes are for things that sound quite healthy.  So let's see just how much you know about the ingredients in some of the most common household items.

Here's the first quiz...this is 100% cholesterol free
Water, corn syrup, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, mono- and diglycerides, soy protein, sodium stearoyl lactylate, dipotassium phosphate, polysorbate 60, sodium acid pyrophosphate, salt, artificial color, colored with betacarotene.

Feel free to make a guess!  Answer tomorrow!!

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