Monday, February 7, 2011

Hydrogen peroxide ear drops

This week I have decided to write about natural home remedies that I have tried recently. Next up is hydrogen peroxide. I think I first heard about using it as ear drops on Dr. Mercola’s site. In another effort to ward off viruses and the flu this winter I have researched this use and personally tried it.

In the 1920’s, it was first hypothesized that cold and flu viruses enter through the ear canal. Research in the 1930’s showed success with using hydrogen peroxide in dealing with colds and flu. The experts on have found remarkable results in curing the flu and cold within 12-14 hours of administration.

The instructions are to administer a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide into each infected ear (I would do both). It starts working within 2-3 minutes. There will be some bubbling and in some cases mild stinging. Wait until the bubbling and stinging subside (usually a few minutes), then drain the peroxide onto a tissue or cotton pad and then repeat the process in the other ear. To cure the flu, it is recommended to repeat the process two or more times at 1-2 hour intervals until there is no bubbling when putting the hydrogen peroxide in ear(s).

There are not many “home remedies” that I follow, but this is one that I might continue. This morning I only had bubbling in one ear, and it was on the side of my head that is sore (sore ear and sore throat only on that side). I will report back with the results!


  1. It's so funny that not everyone knows about this home remedy! We always had our ears cleaned with hydrogen peroxide as kids, my sister had chronic ear infections and the doctor said she needed twice weekly cleanings with hydrogen peroxide at home. So that's what my parents did. My husband thought I was so weird when I first cleaned Tobias' ears with it but it works! Tobias loves it, he calls it "fuzzy ears" and it gets any and all wax out without risking poking too hard with the cotton swab. Now my husband is a convert and uses it too :)

    Another trick is to use breastmilk in the ear on a cotton swab to fight an ear infection. It also has cut colds in half when I used it in Tobias' nose (again, gently swabbed with cotton) and gave him a bit to drink from my pumped stash for his little brother.

  2. Thanks, Manda! I am convinced that our noses and ears are so susceptible to fighting infection. I wondere if using peroxide daily would fight off most infections like colds and sinus infections.

    How often did you use the breastmilk in his ear or nose? Does it have to be done multiple times a day?