Monday, February 21, 2011

Is organic worth it?

Do you ever get tired of trying to eat right, live right, be healthy?? Do you ever wonder if it really makes a difference? Honestly, I get so tired of trying to be healthy sometimes. I did not feel awful before. It was so easy to fix canned, frozen, microwavable foods. I could enjoy a Coke, mmmm.

Once you start cutting out processed foods and sugar, it makes it so hard to go back. Now when I eat sugar, I feel AWFUL. I feel like a gain a pound each time I eat a tiny piece of candy. I get a headache, sometimes for days. I do not sleep as well when I start eating less healthy. Sometimes it really does seem like it has to be all or none…forget the baby steps.

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I am sometimes envious of people that can drink a cup of coffee at night and still sleep, or eat a 6 lb bag of gummy bears and not feel sick. I do think it is important not to be too legalistic about being healthy. However, I know I do truly feel better when I eat right, even if I cannot tell at the time. All it takes is one heavenly chocolate covered raspberry to remind me how little sugar I can tolerate anymore. While it is a pain, I am glad that my body can tell a difference. I am glad I do not tolerate junk food as well. Here are two more babysteps towards eating right regularly…

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