Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting older

Have you ever wondered what makes you live longer? How do you get to be over a 100??  I sure hope that all of these babysteps at least help me live a long life.  The following is adapted from Dr. Mercola's article on living longer:

Bernando LaPallo, age 109, has written a book called Age Less, Live More. He offers proof that “living and eating the way nature intended is rewarded with a long life.” His father told him that “health should be your first priority, and in order to do that, you eat properly.” LaPallo says in order to do that “you have to eat properly—not a bunch of stirred up, boiled-to-death food.”

The oldest man in America, Walter Breunig, is 114 years old. His advice includes proper food choices, abstinence from alcohol, daily outdoor exercise, a spiritual and optimistic outlook on life, and “taking things in stride.” (Yes, honey, I need to work on that last one!).

His daily diet consists of:


Fruit (especially blueberries and cantaloupe)




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Clean water

Cinnamon tea

Leafy green vegetables make up 2/3rd of his daily diet, and he does not touch processed foods. He takes one baby aspirin a day and no other medications. I love what he says about growing up: “When we were kids, we ate what was on the tables. Crusts of bread or whatever it was. You ate what they put on your plate, and that’s all you got.”

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