Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Warding off colds

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I have been so frustrated with colds this year. Last year, we were hardly sick at all. This year we have been passing around colds continually. It seems like someone is always sick. My dear husband reminds me that the only thing that has changed is eating more organic ;) However, we have both noticed that it also coincided with Kai going to Mother’s Morning Out. Nonetheless, we have been sharing colds, pink eye, and sore throats for weeks now.

For the first time in weeks, I think we are all more or less “better.” Maybe a sniffle hear and there, but not the crud. Here is what we have been doing in the meantime:

Extra sleep

Gargling with salt water

Extra vitamin D (4000 units for Lee and me, 800 units for Kai)

Daily probiotics and multivitamins (whole food derived)

Strict hand washing and sanitizing

Frequent washing of sheets and pillows

Extra coffee water

No sharing of toys that get put in mouth, as much as possible

Limiting sugar


  1. I know you don't mention humidifiers, but I came across this interesting article that I thought was related:

  2. That is an interesting article. A humidifier did seem to help newborn congestion with my kids but it is a breeding ground for bacteria. I doubt everyone cleans them as often as needed, and as a pharmacist I was caught by the line about no studies proving humidifers do good. Thanks for the article!