Thursday, July 8, 2010

Know your Diapers

In following with my cloth diaper kick, the first thing I wanted to do was explain some of the different diaper options.  When I say "cloth diapers," what do you think of?  Rubber pants and toilet swishing.  Well, guess Mom and Dad, there's a whole new world!  Cloth diapers have totally transformed into a cost-effective, Daddy friendly, cute way to diaper that baby bottom.  Lee has his baseball cards, and I have my cloth diapers.  They are consuming and addictive.  There are many different options and they all fit babies differently.  So the first thing I'm going to do is explain some of the different options.

This is taken from a great website called Diaper Jungle.  They provide everything from local resources to sewing information to diaper reviews. 
Prefolds:  Requires a wrap or a cover.  May require a fastener such as pins or a snappi (plastic y-shapped piece with plastic gripper teeth).  Usually made of totton, Birdseye flannel, hemp, or velour.

All in One (AIO) and All in Twos (AI2):  Does not require a wrap or a cover--this feature is built in.  Usually fastens with snaps or hook and loop (Velcro).  Outer layer is waterproof...usually made with polyurethane laminate (PUL), Procare, fleece, or wool.  A double will increase absorbancy.  A separate stuffer or doubler lays inside an AI2. Usually has elastic legs and back area.

Pocket Diapers:  Does not require a wrap or cover--this feature is built in.  Usually fastens with snaps or hook and loop.  Outer latyer is waterproof...usually made with PUL, Procare, fleece, or wool. Requires an absorbent stuffer material to be placed in the pocket before use.  Usually has elastic legs and back area.

Fitted Diapers:  Requires a wrap or cover.  Usually fastens with snaps or hook and loop, sometimes a snappi or pins may be used.  Outer and inner layers are not waterproof and may consist of many different fabric types.  A doubler will increase absorbancy.  Usually has elastic legs and back areas.

Here's another explanation from Bulk Cloth
There are four basic types of cloth diapering systems:

All in One Cloth Diapers

Also known as "AIO"s, these diapers are the easiest and most leak proof diapers to use and have a built in diaper cover sewn into the cotton or fleece layer. They fasten with snaps or velcro and work like the ease of a disposable. No diaper cover is required.
Examples of All in Ones:

Imse Vimse AIO Diaper - A new fantastic All-in-One diaper, made with 100 % certified organic cotton - Smply the best!

Fitted Cloth Diapers

These diapers are contoured to the shape of baby, with elastic around the legs and waist. They have snap or Aplix/velcro closures and DO require a diaper cover. One of the reasons why customers choose this diapering system is because fitted diapers with diaper covers dry faster than the All in One diapers.

Examples of Fitted Diapers:
Thirsties Cotton Fitted Diapers - We love fitted diapers for their their great fit, for the convenience they offer, and for their affordability. Thirsties® Cotton Fitted Diapers work exceptionally well at comfortably containing leaks. This is the most absorbent fitted diaper of all those we have tested!

Prefold and Flat Diapers

These diapers are wonderful for not only diapering but are used as burp cloths, household clean-ups, and so much more. These diapers may need to be fastened with diaper pins or a Snappi and used with a diaper cover. The covers we have available do NOT require the use of pins.

Examples of Prefold or Flat Diapers:
Chinese Prefold Diapers - These 100 % cotton chinese pre-fold diapers are the most softest, most absorbent pre-fold diapers available on the market. Available in white (bleached) or natural (unbleached). Six sizes available.
Birdseye Cotton Flat Diapers - These are the true old fashioned diapers (nappies) that are made of soft 100% birdseye cotton. This is the original cloth diaper still used in many countries. These are a one size fits all diaper that requires folding to properly fit baby. These diapers also make wonderful comfort blankets, dish towels, burp cloths, cleaning cloths, lap pads, and more!

The diapers dry very quickly because they are only one layer thick. Use with pins and pants or try one of our diaper covers. If you have the patience and the pioneering spirit using these diapers are far and away the least expensive way to comfortably diaper your baby.

Pocket Diapers

The three main components of Pocket Diapers are: A waterproof outer barrier fabric that is sewn to the second component, an inner moisture-wicking fabric that keeps the skin feeling dry. These two fabrics form a pocket for the third component, an absorbent insert, to be placed.

Pocket Diapers function in a way that no other diaper has in history. They use special materials against the baby's skin to keep the baby's skin dry resulting in numerous benefits for the mom and baby, not to mention the elimination and treatment of diaper rash ... which is why this style diaper was created in the first place.

Examples of Pocket Diapers:

FuzziBunz® Pocket Diapers - The original pocket diaper! Soft, waterproof outer barrier keeps wetness contained. 100% Polyester microfleece inside touches baby's skin and wicks moisture away keeping baby rash free, dry, and comfortable. Multi-sized diapers allow you to choose the best size for your baby for a custom-like feel.
Happy Heinys Pocket Diapers - Happy Heinys solid colors have been baby tested and last 12+ hours at night with absolutely no wicking for most babies. Their innovative cloth diaper design and Aplix brand hook and loop closures (similar to Velcro) give babies a snug, comfortable fitting diaper that's as easy to use as a disposable.

bumGenius! One Size Pocket Diapers - bumGenius! diapers easily fit (and they really do!) babies from 6 pounds all the way up to 35 pounds. Designed with fit and function in mind. Experience the first cloth diaper loved by every-day people - like your babysitter, grandparents and even dad! The bumGenius! one-size cloth diaper is the first cloth diaper to feature stretch-to-fit tabs (patent pending), making cloth diapering as easy AND as comfortable as disposables.

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