Saturday, July 24, 2010

Product Review: Carrots

I've decided to do some weekly Know Your Ingredients quizzes as well as product reviews during my journey to a more organic and healthy lifestyle.  The quizzes are a fun way to realize all of the artificial ingredients that you would never guess are hidden in favorite foods.  It really opened my eyes to do a better job at reading labels.  I also have very strict criteria for the first 3 ingredients, as well as look for multiple ways to disguise the same category of ingredient. 

The product reviews will be things I've actually tried.  Some I've loved and some I won't ever buy again.  I try to pay close attention to the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Database and the hazard score.  Down the road I'll post some of the scores for products we originally used and the scores of products we were able to switch to.

I'm sure your first question was, "Why carrots???"  Ok, I'm not just talking about carrots.  I'm talking about USDA organic carrots.  I'm not even talking about local carrots.  I really have never tasted carrots as good as organic carrots.  Sometimes our family will even sit down at dinner and eat them raw.  In fact, we probably all prefer them that way.  They are sweet, juicy, and crisp.  Conventional carrots often have a bitter taste to me, and occasionally, they seem bland.  Not so with organic carrots.  No bitter, dirt taste...just sweet.  Here's the marks:
Affordability:  8--$1-2 more per package than conventional carrots, doable
Taste:  10--no comparison to conventional
Longevity:  9--occasionally dry out after a week, but no problems with them going bad any sooner than conventional
Overall:  9

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