Thursday, July 29, 2010

Product Review: Diaper sprayer

I'm pretty sure that this doesn't even apply to anyone that follows my blog, except on the occasions my husband shows me how much he truly loves me by spraying diapers, but the next product I want to discuss is my diaper sprayer.

I'm not sure how people cloth diaper without it.  My parents have told me horror stories of dunking and swishing plastic pants and diapers when I was a baby.  I've heard everything from dumping what you can in the toilet and that's it to scraping with a knife.  The purpose of this post was not to gross anyone out!!  I promise!!  However, if there is every anyone that read my posts on cloth diapers and is even remotely interested in using cloth diapers, I didn't want to leave this very important item unmentioned.  It makes cloth diaper messes a breeze!!!

Most of the brand diaper sprayers/bidets sell from $50 but there is a Sigma brand sprayer on eBay for $25, which is where I got mine.  There are also several tutorials on how to make your own.  It's very simple to make but when I actually priced all of the parts at Lowes it was over $30.  I definitely wanted a shut off valve since it was going to be in the bathroom where Kai takes his baths.  That was really my only requirement.  I really like that this brand has variable pressure with the shut off valve.

If you think spraying diaper off is gross, you might not have potty trained a toddler.  Kai started potty training at the exact same time we switched Caitlin to cloth diapers.  Let's just say I got over the ick factor very quickly.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who might cloth diaper.  Again, not to gross anyone out, but I don't think I could deal with the mess without one.  Stains and odors are highly minimized, and I don't worry about my washing machine having to wash all of it out.

Ease of use: 10--I had it installed out of the package in about 10 minutes or less including the time it took to get all of the tools together.  The pressure is high enough to rinse but not so high that I've ever sprayed myself in the face!
Affordability: 10--Cheaper than making it myself.  I've used it for 4 months with no leaks and I plan to get at least 2 years out of it.
Efficacy:  10--It does what it says.  Simple as that.  I love the shut-off, variable pressure valve.
Overall:  10--I have no dislikes or complaints.  It hangs on a nice little hook by our toilet.  I use it almost daily and I would recommend it to anyone who cloth diapers hands down.


  1. Hey I found you through the Babywise message board on BabyCenter! You commented on my 3-2 nap transition question!! I love meeting new moms & bloggers & I love that you use cloth diapers! We've been using them since my daughter was 2 weeks old (when her umbilical cord stump fell off). I completely agree that I don't know how people could do cloth without the diaper sprayer! We love ours! The idea of dunking & swishing the cloth diapers really grossed me out before we started, so a diaper sprayer was a must! It is definitely one of my favorite CD tools!!

    I also wrote about cloth diapers on my blog recently! I'd love for you to check it out & add any advice you have in the comments. Several people have been asking questions about cloth in my comments!

  2. Thanks, Cameron!! I love your blog! Quite impressive. Gives me a lot to look up, too. Off to wash some diapers!